DSE 2016 | DOOH Strategy Summit – DOOH Measurement and Interpreting Results

Out Of Home is a medium that has struggled to achieve measurement, ROI and reporting and this has prevented it from becoming a competitive direct-response channel when set against mobile and online. Thankfully, emerging technologies are intersecting with the OOH space and we’re starting to see measurement in exciting and practical new ways.

When faced with dwindling budgets and increasing pressure to prove the value of spending in OOH, we need to embrace these developments and prove how they can be valuable to our clients.

There are cameras now that can tell just how many people walked past our media, how long they spent looking at it, even their age gender and height.

There’s now the availability of mobile data, which can tell how many were exposed to our media, and how many of them went into the nearest point of interest.

OOH media, both traditional and digital, is generally loved by clients, and they’re desperate to find the commercial justification to spend more. And it is up to us as agencies and media owners to innovate and bring new solutions to clients, or face being squeezed out of the media mix.

Join me at the Digital Signage Expo 2016 to hear more about how we are measuring and proving the value of the OOH space.

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